Head of Turkey’s electoral body warns against misleading allegations on social media

Head of the Supreme Electoral Council (YSK) has urged the public not to give credence to misleading allegations on social media about the election process.

"The images circulating on social media have no affiliation with the Supreme Electoral Council. It is essential not to give credence to baseless claims aiming to mislead the public. The process remains transparent, with the active participation of our political parties," said Yener.

He noted throughout the election process, all data was promptly shared with political parties, adding that copies of ballot box result records were provided to representatives of the five political parties with representation in the parliament, as well as to representatives of presidential candidates and party observers.

He said, "The submission of relevant documents to district election boards also adhered to the same legal procedures, with the active participation of political party representatives."


Yener underscored that the deadlines for objections and complaints against the actions of the ballot box committees were clearly defined by law and the election calendar. He emphasized the participation of political party representatives in these boards, stating, "Decisions are made by our boards in collaboration with their involvement."

Moreover, Yener highlighted that parties have the right to appeal decisions made by these boards to the YSK. He pointed out that representatives of the five political parties with parliamentary representation also participate in the YSK, as mandated by law.

The council would thoroughly review and address these objections within the legally prescribed timeframe.

Earlier in the day, the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) said, out of a total of 201,807 ballot boxes nationwide, discrepancies were detected in 2,269 ballot boxes related to the presidential election and 4,825 ballot boxes related to parliamentary elections.

The Green Left Party said it had appealed the results in about 1,000 ballot boxes. No significant changes that would impact the overall outcome of the elections are expected.

Addressing the issue of exceeding the number of voters abroad, YSK Chairman Yener clarified that voters registered on the overseas voter list are legally allowed to cast their votes at any overseas representation or customs office.

He said, "Therefore, it is within the legal framework for more votes to be cast than the number of voters registered at any of our representations."

Source: English Bianet