Halbouty Energy Launches Paraffin Inhibition Breakthrough For Oil Production, Storage, and Transport

HOUSTON, May 28, 2015 / PRNewswire — Halbouty Energy, LLC, Houston, TX, has acquired the intellectual property including issued and pending U.S. and international patents, applications expertise and full product line of Malcera, LLC, enhancing its product offering in the area of paraffin and asphaltene treatment chemistries as well as emulsion breakers and solids dispersants.

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Halbouty’s ParaFlow® paraffin control products, now available for the first time on a large scale to oilfield service companies, are designed to increase flow assurance of crude oil production and reduce downtime due to wax deposition.  Halbouty’s unique patented mechanism to convert crystalline wax to an amorphous form results in increased paraffin wax solubility in crude oil.  In the treatment of production crude oil paraffin wax waste sludges, the ParaFlow products have the potential to achieve a BS&W of 0.00%, rarely if ever previously attained in the industry.  Halbouty’s products are also designed to eliminate rag layers at heater treaters and desalters and also may enhance performance when co-blended with chemistries currently used in upstream, midstream, and downstream operations.

“The acquisition of the Malcera IP was very strategic to the company.  This unique technology brings us innovative chemistries to address challenges in flow assurance, particularly paraffin wax and asphaltene formation inhibition, as well as solutions for hydrocarbon recovery, reclamation, liquefaction, demulsification, separation, storage and transport vessel hydrocarbon sludge removal.” says Michel Halbouty Hewitt.

The ParaFlow products are produced in the class leading manufacturing assets available within the portfolio of companies under Paro Services Co., managing member of Halbouty Energy, LLC.  These assets include United States based manufacturing plants in Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Ohio with production capacity exceeding 400 million lbs annually.

“The ParaFlow line of products work as broad spectrum paraffin and asphaltene treatments across a wide array of crudes, particularly heavy oil, tight oil & shale crudes in applications such as hot oiling, downhole batch treatments and continuous injection treatment on wells, flow lines, gathering systems, pipelines and tanks.  Select products within the ParaFlow line of products are migratory and will help keep paraffin wax and asphaltenes in suspension from wellhead to refinery and can also lower the B.S.&W. of crude oil, allowing for higher hydrocarbon recovery.” says Ross P. Kennedy, Jr., Director of New Product Development and Strategic Initiatives.

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