Gemalto launches multi-link network encryptor with up to 100 Gbps total encrypted bandwidth

Gemalto’s new CN8000 multi-link encryptor delivers ten 10Gbps aggregated encryption meeting the data security needs of enterprises and data center and cloud service providers, using large-scale data networks.

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, June 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, announced the release of its new SafeNet Multi-Link High Speed Encryptor (HSE) solution that provides the equivalent of 10 by 10 Gbps high-speed encryptors in one unit. With a total encrypted bandwidth of 100 Gbps, the CN8000 helps enterprises and service providers protect sensitive data transmitted across their increasingly large-scale data networks. The SafeNet CN8000 enables organizations to encrypt multiple network links and more traffic while providing unparalleled performance and security for organizations that operate large-scale, high-capacity networks.

As more large enterprises and service providers deploy additional network links at increased speeds across their networks to support growing bandwidth demands, the Gemalto SafeNet CN8000 enables cost-effective implementation of high-speed encryption across more network links – protecting their sensitive data from interception without compromising their networks’ speed and performance.

With a capacity of 10 x 10 Gbps encryptors and a total encrypted bandwidth of 100 Gbps, the SafeNet CN8000 delivers exceptional encrypted throughput in a compact and energy efficient form. As with other encryptors in the SafeNet HSE family, the CN8000 offers best-of-breed encryption and key management; near zero latency; zero network overheads and set-and-forget simplicity.

Designed to support the highest security criteria, the CN8000′s ten 10 Gbps multi-link design includes an important multiple tenancy feature, which provides flexibility benefits to organizations that require separating specific sensitive data and network links.

The CN8000 utilizes embedded quantum random number generation to guarantee high-quality randomness for protection against targeted crypto-attacks.

“With cyber-attacks being a question not of “if” but “when”, companies need to think about best practice data protection – without breaking the bank,” said Todd Moore, vice president of product management Encryption Products at Gemalto. “Our high speed encryption offering enables customers to protect their data in motion by attaching security directly to the data itself. We can protect sensitive data from surveillance and overt and covert interception at an affordable cost, ensuring it is effectively useless should it fall into unauthorized hands at the same time helping customers reducing their encryption footprint.”

Gemalto has partnered with Senetas and Swiss company ID Quantique to develop, deliver and support the CN8000. Its performance capabilities are based on ten 10 Gbps encryption ports, in one compact 4U chassis.

“The new SafeNet high-density CN8000 HSE solution uses quantum mechanics to help ensure secure communications, providing encryption keys based on the inherent and provable randomness of quantum processes to ensure extra protection for the data in motion,” said Gregoire Ribordy, CEO at ID Quantique

“The CN8000 enhances the broad range of solutions we are jointly able to offer customers to protect their most sensitive assets and stakeholders no matter where they reside, and no matter where their data is transmitted,” said Andrew Wilson CEO of Senetas. “With data networks constantly evolving and rapidly growing, customers require best-of-breed data security and maximum network performance at the same time. Our ability to encrypt at wire speeds without adding network overheads and deliver customers their near-zero latency network performance requirements differentiated the CN encryptors. Now the CN8000 provides important multi-link and multi-tenancy capabilities while meeting the most demanding private and public cloud architecture requirements.”

Through its acquisition of SafeNet, Gemalto offers one of the most complete portfolios of enterprise security solutions in the world, enabling its customers to enjoy industry-leading protection of digital identities, transactions, payments and data – from the edge to the core. Gemalto’s newly expanded portfolio of SafeNet Identity and Data Protection solutions enable enterprises across many verticals, including major financial institutions and governments, to take a data-centric approach to security by utilizing innovative encryption methods, best-in-class crypto management techniques, and strong authentication and identity management solutions to protect what matters, where it matters. Through these solutions, Gemalto helps organizations achieve compliance with stringent data privacy regulations and ensure that sensitive corporate assets, customer information, and digital transactions are safe from exposure and manipulation in order to protect customer trust in an increasingly digital world.

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