French workers gather for 5th round of protests against pension reform

French workers took to the streets in mass Thursday for a fifth time since January to protest planned pension reform, according to media reports.

Workers from all sectors continue to express objections to reform plans revealed by the government in January.

Labor unions are organizing walkouts but the impact on public transport and railway traffic is low, according to the Le Figaro newspaper.

Parisian regional transport operator, RATP, and national railway company, SNCF, did not announce major disruptions, said the newspaper.

Less than 10% of TotalEnergies workers are on strike, Le Figaro said, citing company officials.

Compiling data from the Interior Ministry, local media reports and the unions, Le Figaro said the demonstrations were half the size in big cities than on the latest movement day on Feb. 11.

Demonstrations were also held Jan. 19, 31 and Feb. 7 and 11.

Labor unions previously urged workers to "entirely block the country" on March 7.

A survey conducted by Elabe for the French broadcaster BFMTV shows that nearly six out of 10, 58%, respondents support the action.

The reform plans, which have triggered public outrage, include raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 in 2030 and requiring at least 43 years of work to be eligible for full pensions.

Source: Anadolu Agency