Fighting terror is Islamic duty: Saudi grand mufti (Pakistan Today)

As Saudi Arabia hosts international anti-terror conference, the Kingdom’s grand mufti urged Muslim to rally all efforts to fight terrorism as an Islamic duty. “The misuse of the religion by extremists is greatly damaging the image of Islam,” grand mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh was quoted by Arab News on Sunday.
Those sinners attribute their inhuman actions to Islam when they claimed an Islamic State and Allah knows that the hypocrites are liars, the mufti added in comments made during his weekly talk show. They came as Saudi hosts an international conference in the holy city of Makkah on Sunday, to discuss counter terrorism from a Muslim perspective.
The conference, held under the title Islam and the Fight against Terrorism”, highlights efforts by the Kingdom in the field of fighting terrorism Organized by the Muslim World League (MWL), it opens under Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman’s patronage, Makkah Governor Prince Khaled Al-Faisal. According to MWL Secretary-General Abdullah Al-Turki, the theme of counterterrorism was selected because of the deeply upsetting events taking place in the world as a result of terrorist acts falsely attributed to Islam He added that fighting terror is a religious necessity in Islam “The terrorist groups, their supporters, who declare society as a whole as infidel and kill innocent people as a religious act, are misguided groups that are not following the right Islamic path,” said Al-Turki.
The secretary-general added that the international community should confront those supporting terrorism, stressing that MWL subsidiaries in various countries have been striving to fight against terror “The conference will also focus on the Kingdom’s tireless efforts to combat terror and also the implementation of the Shari`ah law and the mutual support between the Kingdom’s people and its leaders,” said the MWL secretary-general.