EU to impose new sanctions on trade, Iranian entities helping Russia’s army

EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen announced on Wednesday that the new EU sanctions package against Russia will contain trade bans and sanctions on Iranian entities cooperating with the Russian military.

Von der Leyen spoke at the debate marking the first anniversary of Russia’s war in Ukraine at the European Parliament’s plenary session in Strasbourg, France.

“We are proposing a 10th package of measures with new trade bans and technology export controls to Russia,” she told EU lawmakers.

She explained that the new sanctions will cut around €11 billion ($11.8 billion) in revenues “to weaken Russia's ability to maintain its war machine.”

The EU executive body proposes “among other things export restrictions on multiple electronic components used in Russian armed systems, such as drones, missiles, helicopters,” von der Leyen asserted.

In total, the EU aims to impose controls on 47 electronic components, including rare earth materials, von der Leyen said in a joint video statement with EU top diplomat Josep Borrell.

“With this, we have banned all tech products found on the battlefield and we will make sure that they don't find other ways to get there,” she explained.

For the first time, the EU will also impose restrictive measures on “third country entities,” notably seven Iranian ones,” including those linked to Iran's Revolutionary Guard” because of their “supply of drones and the transfer of know-how to build production sites in Russia,” she added.

Borell, for his part, said the bloc will also add over 100 individuals to its blacklist over “undermining the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine."

The list will contain people “responsible for military activities, for political decisions, propaganda, and disinformation,” he said.

The new measures will also target “those involved in the human kidnappings, deportations and forced adoption of Ukrainian children to Russia and also those enabling the looting of Ukrainian resources.”

Von der Leyen called on EU member states to adopt the proposed sanctions as soon as possible to enter them into force on the war’s first anniversary, Feb. 24.

Source: Anadolu Agency