Dr. Rongxiang Xu, Beyond A Legend

LOS ANGELES, May 26, 2015 / PRNewswire — Mr. Kevin Xu, President of MEBO International, on behalf of his family, thanks President Barack Obama and President Bill Clinton for their sympathy and kind thoughts during the time of loss of Dr. Rongxiang Xu, Kevin’s father.

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As a pioneer, innovator, humanitarian and a leader ahead of his time, Dr. Xu’s commitment to the advancement of science and his leadership in the community leave a legacy that will not be forgotten. As a renowned life scientist, Dr. Xu devoted his life to a selfless pursuit with far reaching benefits to mankind. From his first article “Clinical uses of moist exposure therapy of burn” published in 1988 to “Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science (HBRRS)”, the first book regarding the application of human body regeneration in history published in 2009, both collected by the United States National Library of Medicine, he gradually created HBRRS and patent platform which have saved countless lives.

The passing of Dr. Rongxiang Xu reminds us of a quote about the measure of a man. Measure a man not “how did he die” but “how did he live.” Not “what did he gain” but “what did he give.” Dr. Xu leaves behind a tremendous legacy that covers his philosophy, science and technologies, as well as, in China only, estimated 200 thousand clinicians trained with his regenerative therapy and a fully developed medical network consisting of estimated 12,000 hospitals, practicing his science to save lives every day.  Dr. Xu, by his creation of HBRRS, reveals the unlimited possibility of human regeneration, and makes us know we all have regenerative lives and are capable of organ regeneration on our own.

Dr. Xu always said, “I am a doctor, for many years, I have been letting my fellows call me Doctor Xu, in order to always let me remember to concentrate on exploring and innovating technologies and products with ideal therapeutic effects, thereby to relieve the suffering of patients and protect humans’ health and dignity. So I have been devoting myself into medical studies to develop such technologies and products for doctors to relieve patients’ suffering.”

While Dr. Xu is gone, his lifelong pursuit of scientific truth and his noble spirit of selfless contribution to the world will always inspire us to carry his great legacy forward, and his discoveries and innovations will live on and benefit humans for generations to come.

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