Domestic consumers being given top priority in gas supply: Jam Kamal (Daily Balochistan Express (Pakistan))

Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Resources Jam Kamal said on Friday that domestic consumers were being given top priority in the supply of gas.
“Gas is supplied to different categories of consumers in line with the priority order mentioned in Natural Gas Allocation and Management Policy 2005 and its subsequent amendments,” he told the Senate while responding to Senator Sehar Kamran’s question during the question hour session.
He said as per priority order domestic and commercial sectors were at the top, followed by the power sector. General Industries, fertilizer and captive power are on number third on the priority order, while cement sector and its captive power are on number fourth. CNG sector is at number five, he added.
To another question, he said that refineries import crude oil from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates under the long term contacts. However, some refineries import crude oil through spot tender from Gulf region.
“PSO imports about 2.5 to 3.0 million metric tons of diesel and 1.0 million tons of furnace oil from Kuwait under long term contact. The remaining volumes of diesel and furnace oil and other refined products are imported by PSO under PPRA rules and other oil marketing companies through open tenders, mostly from Gulf region,” he added.
Replying to a question of Senator Ahmed Hassan, the minister said that SNGPL had reported that the work on supply main of the project for supply of natural gas to Dara Adam Khel F.R. Kohat had not been completed due to nonissuance of NOC by NHA.”SNGPL has reported that so far 75.5 per cent lowering activities of supply main have been completed and remaining would be completed on or before September 30, this year barring unforeseen circumstances,” he added.