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Cyprus and Israel conduct IASON-1/2023 – BLUE SUN international drill [VIDEO]

Cyprus and Israeli forces conducted between 7-11 of May the international drill IASON-1/2023 - BLUE SUN in the framework of the Bilateral Defence Cooperation Programme between the armed forces of the Republic of Cyprus and the State of Israel. A press release by the Ministry of Defence says that the drill took place with the participation of personnel and means of the Air Command of the National Guard and the Israeli Air Force. Israeli aircraft were stationed at the "ANDREAS PAPANDREOU" Air Base in Paphos, from which they executed the various scenarios of the drill. The purpose of the exercise, which was planned and coordinated by the armed forces of the two countries, was to train together the National Guard and the Israeli Air Force IPA personnel in air force deployment tactics, as well as to increase operational readiness and the level of standardization in planning and conducting air operations. Chief of the National Guard General Staff, Lieutenant General Demokritos Zervakis, congratulated the personnel for the planning, preparation and successful conduct, as well as for the level of readiness, operational training and their high morale and professionalism. He also noted that the drill highlights the strategic relationship and strengthens the ties between the members of the armed forces of Cyprus and Israel, thus contributing to the strengthening of security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean region. The drill was part of the international collaborations developed by the National Guard with the armed forces of friendly countries. According to the press release, the exercise was particularly constructive.

Source: Cyprus News Agency