Oman International Trade & Exhibition’s COMEX 2015 will focus on new and emerging trends in the IT, telecommunications and technology space, one of these being fibre optics.
Oman Fibre Optics (OFO), a leading manufacturer of fibre optics in the region, has signed up as the Platinum sponsor of the event.
OFO deploys stateoftheart technology to draw fibre and manufacture world class fibre cable products in Oman.
COMEX 2015 has also received support from the Fibre to the Home (FTTH) Council Middle East and North Africa as a supporting association. The FTTH council MENA is an industry organisation with a mission to accelerate FTTH adoption by all broadband stakeholders through information and promotion, in order to accelerate the availability of fibrebased, ultrahighspeed access networks to consumers and businesses.
The market for optical fibre cable is a critical piece of the broader optical components pie. Its installation is also the most labourintensive part of the network, particularly for underground and undersea connections. Optical fibre cable is an integral component in the global move to broadband. Statistics indicate that optical fibre production should increase from 147mn kilometres of fibre in 2011 to 204mn in 2017.
According to recent study by FTTH Council, MENA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman are significant and dynamic markets for fibre to home and businesses. The study also shows that new housing programmes, national plans, Cloud services, mobile backhaul, digital cities and higher competition are among the drivers of FTTH market in the MENA region. If you are already working in these sectors or planning to enter then COMEX will be a platform that will give you relevant exposure.
Tarek Ali, general manager OITE said, “Our endeavour is to enlist leaders and innovators in the IT, telecom and technology space and we are delighted to announce the support of companies such as Oman Fibre Optics, Dalfa Technical Trading and Terrain Engineering Solutions & Development. We look forward to focusing on new trends at COMEX 2015, which will facilitate the transfer of technology and promote a lucrative platform for B2B networking.”
COMEX has evolved into one of the most recognized ICT exhibitions in the Gulf. Attracting over 95,000 consumers and 10,000 business buyers from Oman’s private and public sectors, Oman’s premier IT, telecom and technology exhibition, COMEX is organised by OITE Trade Fairs and held under the patronage of the Information Technology Authority of Oman.