Center for Creative Leadership Reveals Saudi Public Sector Findings

BRUSSELS, May 28, 2015 / PRNewswire –New research from the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) indicates that Saudi public sector leaders are reasonably well prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world but need development in certain areas.

“Around the world the image of the authoritarian hero-leader is being challenged, and the Middle East is no exception,” says David Altman, CCL EMEA’s Executive VP & Managing Director. “Our research shows that public sector leaders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have strategic skillsets and the ability to influence leaders at higher levels in the hierarchy. But they have some worrying gaps in other leadership areas such as developing others, self-awareness and negotiation.”

CCL’s Developing Leaders in the Public Sector of the Kingdom White Paper offers solutions to help bridge gaps in leadership development and prevent career derailment. “To be successful, public sector leaders must possess skills to survive in a highly uncertain world and to perform their jobs while under constant observation from a range of sources including the media and the private sector,” observes White Paper co-author Clemson Turregano. “A key recommendation is to learn to view leadership as a collaborative effort versus an activity based solely on exerting personal authority.”

The new research is from samples of Saudi leaders who participated in CCL programs including the flagship Leadership Development Program (LDP)®

LDP will be offered again in Dubai in October 2015. “In offering LDP in Dubai we can better serve customers in the Middle East,” states Altman. “Among other things, LDP teaches leaders how to get the top and bottom of the hierarchy to work together, something the research indicates could be particularly useful for KSA public sector leaders, and I think for anyone working in this region.”

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Source: The Center for Creative Leadership