Behçet Kaplan, a 31-year-old prisoner kept in Bitlis Ahlat T Type Prison lost his life in prison.

Mezopotamya Agency reported that Kaplan was arrested since 9 years ago and was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment charged with "being a member of a terrorist organization," in the trial he stood in 2014. He lost his life yesterday evening in prison.

Having had a stomachache since a year ago, Kaplan was diagnosed with stomach cancer at the Van Yüzüncü Yil Hospital. Receiving treatment in Ahlat State Hospital,forthe last four months Kaplan was not able to eat anything.

Kaplan's funeral prayer was held at the mosque in Karsiyaka, Bitlis, and he was buried in the graveyard in the same neighborhood.

There are 1517 ill prisoners in the prisons in Turkey according to the report by the Central Prisons Committee of the Human Rights Association, 65 of whom are seriously ill. 76 people lost their lives in 2022 in prisons, 35 of them due to their illnesses.

Source: English Bianet