AWP opposes Pak involvement in Yemen crisis (Daily Times (Pakistan))

Awami Workers Party (AWP) President Abid Hassan on Tuesday opposed the governments decision to support of Saudi Arabia in the Yemen crises by sending troops which will be fighting Houthis rebels in Yemen along with the Saudi forces. Minto observed that parliament should be taken on board before taking any such decision.
Addressing a press briefing on Tuesday at the Lahore Press Club along with AWP General Secretary Farooq Tariq and others, he said that a few things are very clear in the Yemen war that there is no direct threat to the Two Holy Mosques located in Saudi Arabia and there is no need to involve Pakistani forces in a foreign war. He said that parliament has to be taken into confidence before taking such a serious step. “We should take a decision keeping in view of our countrys economic, domestic and political situation”. He further said that Yemen war is dragging more and more Muslim countries in it only to secure vested interests and to grab Yemen oil resources in the name of religion.
Talking about Saudi Arabias motive, Manto observed that Yemen has been rooted its feet in the war-like situation since decades and Saudi Arabia had always came to merely secure its interests. He said that the current situation is a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Manto added that it is need of the hour that Pakistani nation must not be emotional in this matter and they must keep in view the ground realities. He further said that our troops have been already fighting to curb menace of terrorism from the country therefore it would not be a wise decision to engaged forces in a foreign war.
Manto said, “Pakistan should take part in the Yemens civil war but as a mediator and to resolve the infighting between the two Muslims groups are at war”. He added that both countries Iran and Saudi Arabia, which has been at proxy war, are holding friendly and brotherly relations with Pakistan, if Iran is our neighbour than Saudi Arabia has close ties with our country therefore decision must be taken after viewing these circumstances. President AWP also said that if somehow Pakistan has to play a role in the current crises in Yemen it would only be a peacemaker and mediator to resolve the chaos prevailing with every passing day in Muslim world.
Talking about rulers, he termed monarchy school of thought where a single family rules the country for decades, dictatorship and others non democratic form of governments as souvenir of dark ages. He said that we have to transform the outdated form of governments in democratic societies for the betterment of the people.