Arab-Ajam cold war brings Muslim World to brink of disaster: Moosavi (Daily Messenger (Pakistan))

The PatroninChief of the Supreme Shia Ulema Board and the TNFJ chief QuaidiMillat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has said the cold war between Arab and Ajam has brought the Muslim World to the brink of disaster.
The remains of Lawrence of Arabia desire to set up khalifate of their own choice through terrorism so as to divide the Muslim World into sects. After the 9/11, life for all Muslim States including Afghanistan and Iraq is made difficult but the champion States of Arab and Ajam are satisfied.
This was stated by him while delivering presidential address at the high level meeting of the Tehreek in which delegates from all over the country participated.
Agha Moosavi called upon the Saudi government to set Ayatollah AlNimr free, facilitate the Iranian pilgrims and set innocent free otherwise the Muslim States will be cut into pieces.
He said India should resolve the Kashmir issue in line with the United Nations Resolutions keeping to the desires of Kashmiri people and give punishment to the culprits of Samjotha Express incident.
He said India and America are on the same page in leveling charges on others; one is crying hoarse of 9/11 and the other of Mumbai attack. He said ZarbeAzb is a serious blow on terrorists like ZarbeHaider.
They perhaps could not understand that this army follows NishaneHaider and victory is imminent for them. He said the support of Ch. Nisar Ali Khan in favour of army’s successful action is commendable while silence of others provides food for thought.
He said Tehreek Nafaz FiqheJafariya came into being to reject Zia’s announcement to make Pakistan a State of a particular group and to protect the Asaasi ideology.
The TNFJ chief said when a dictator put his hand on our jugular vein and tried to restrict Azadari and MiladunNabi processions through an amendment in Police Act, it was Tehreek Nafaz FiqheJafariya that challenged him that no power on earth can impose restrictions on Azadari and EideMilad processions.