Appointment (The News Today (Bangladesh))

To reach specialist medical care to the people’s doorstep an announcement was made on 27 July, 2014 for of 513 doctors to Upazila Health Complexes As a noncadre doctor, who has been deprived of promotion, I was eager to serve in the Upazillas. But before I joined, our was kept in abeyance by another newspaper announcement.
If the s were made as announced earlier, then the poor people of the country would have received expert medical care. AKM Rafiqul Islam Faridpur Treatment of burn victims Most of the people who were burnt are working people Those surviving with burnt bodies their bodies and future have been burnt. Many of the burn victims were the sole incomeearners of their families .Many spent their savings in getting treated.
Those who got treated at hospitals other than Dhaka Medical college should be financially assisted. The mobile phone companies can take measures to assist the burn victims by lotteries.
This can help the burn victims and also other poor families affected by the hartals and blockades. Tasnuva Tabassum Chittagong Engineering University Footbridge needed Hatikamrul (Sirajganj Road) the gateway to North Bengal has banks insurance companies, hospitals and schools near the circular turnabout on the Sirajganj road .From Bagabandhu bridge to Natore Banpara Road, Dhaka Highway, Rangpur Highway join at Hatikamrul turnabout.
There are many accidents because of so many travellers on this road. There should be a footbridge at this Hatikamrul turnabout. S.M. Rubel Ahmed Sirajganj No need to rush for KSA job registration After several thousand people signed up for jobs in Saudi Arabia last week following an advertisement, the expatriates’ welfare and overseas Employment minister yesterday clarified that there was no need to rush for registration now and that the government would open online registration only for females seeking jobs as domestic helps in the Kingdom soon.”Initially, Saudi Arabia wants to hire only house maids.
So, male workers don’t need to register names at this moment,” Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain told a press briefing at the capital’s Probashi Kallyan Bhaban, which saw a huge rush of jobseekers past week.”The government didn’t circulate any notice for registration for jobs in Saudi Arabia,” the minister said. “Once we get job orders, we will go for the regular registration system.
The Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET) published the advertisement in five Bangla dailies on February 67, asking people to sign up online for jobs in Saudi Arabia and other countries between February 9 and 12, at the Probashi Kallyan Bhaban, district manpower offices and Bangabandhu International Conference Centre.When jobs were available, candidates would be able to register online at union information service centres and district manpower offices.
However, the jobseekers should keep away from fraudsters offering help in exchange for money.About the growing concerns over security of domestic helps in KSA and other Middle East countries, the workers would be allowed to use cell phones there so that they could contact their families in Bangladesh and other people concerned at KSA and Bangladesh .
The government needs to set up shelter houses at all manpower receiving countries including Saudi Arabia so that any victim can find immediate protection.”As neither our labour wing officials nor the employing countries’ police can respond to the victims instantly, the government needs to introduce a system in Bangladesh to monitor this issue.
Also there should be payment of the female workers through banks in KSA .On February 10, Riyadh signed an agreement with Dhaka to hire 10,000 skilled Bangladeshi house maids in March. Meanwhile, the Saudi government plans to offer a new general amnesty in March for illegal foreign workers to rectify their visa status, reported the Saudi Gazette.Officials at the Bangladesh mission in Riyadh, however, said only 20,000 or 25,000 Bangladeshi workers might be working there illegally now.But they would be regularized under the terms of the amnesty very soon .
S.A. Masroor Banani Relocation of tanneries Tanneries at Hazaribagh in Dhaka are to be relocated. If any of them fails to relocate to Savar Tannery Estate by June next year.Allotment of plots to those factories will also be cancelled.The government will take tougher measures to improve the environment in the capital. The new tannery estate, has been set up on 199.40 acres of land in Savar and Keraniganj.
The construction of all the infrastructure except for a Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) and a dumping yard has already been completed.The construction of the CETP will be completed by next June. Efforts are on to relocate Hazaribagh tanneries by then as well. The project will be fully implemented by June next year. Bangladesh Small and ustries Corporation (BSCIC) has approved the layout plans of 152 industrial units out of the total 155 in the tannery estate. Of them, tarted. However there may be problems as the government has no plan to lay gas lines in new areas due to a deficit in gas supplies. There is a deficit of at least 500 mmcfd gas against the daily demand in the country. The government, however, has to install some gas connections to industrial areas, particulary for the newly located tanneries in phases.
The besmirching of the environment, leading to adverse climate change because of tannery locations in the capital and other cities has to cease. As such all tannery owners must take all steps to shift their industries to the plots allotted to them at Savar and Keraniganj.
Also with all tanneries in sites allotted by the government it will be easier for the government to provide facilities like power, gas to the allocated tannery industries’ areas. Also there should be facilities as in the export processing zones for increase in exports of leather goods to enhance our foreign exchange income. We look forward to efficient functioning of the tanneries at the tannery industrial estate that would solve our environmental concerns and increase our export earnings. S.A. Salam Mirpur