Angola and New Zealand Discuss Co-Operation in UNSC Framework (

The cooperation between Angola and New Zealand in the framework of the United Nations Security Council, topped on Thursday the meeting between the Angolan Secretary of State of MIREX, Manuel Augusto, and the Director for the Middle East and Africa Issues of the Ministry of External Affairs of this Oceania country, Jeff Langley.

Speaking to the press at the end of the meeting, Jeff Langley, who was accompanied by the non-resident ambassador to Angola, Richard Mann, said that the two countries, under the agenda of the UN Security Council, have had a good conversation about various issues.

He noted that the New Zealand authorities consider necessary to learn about the details or hear the views of countries that best master certain matters.

So, the New Zealand official said that his visit to Angola aims to discuss a little bit about the experience of this African country in having a more detailed knowledge on the situation of neighboring states.

He stated that the meeting considered the situation in CAR, DRC and Burundi, as well as the challenges that these countries are facing and how the international community, especially the United Nations, can support the efforts of all countries of this part of the region and the African Union, ICGLR and other forces in the region.

In the field of bilateral cooperation, the official said relations between the two countries are recent and, at this time, “we are talking about how the two countries may create a base of understanding and cooperation”.

The diplomat added that his country is open to this cooperation in areas such as agriculture, renewable energy, among others.

Jeff Langley also said that the authorities of his country considers the role of Angola in the region very positive because “it can be seen that the country has overcome various challenges of the past and today is a state with a lot of energy and engaged with all others in the region”.

“We are happy to be working with Angola in the Security Council, using our friendship with Angola to better understand the continent”, he said.