An open letter to PM (Daily Times (Pakistan))

Sir: Through your esteemed paper, I want to address the prime minister over the issue of the Yemen conflict as follows: “Mr Prime Minister, it is none of your business to defend the territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia. You were elected not to protect the ‘Wahabis’ of Saudi Arabia, but the citizens of Pakistan that also include Shias, Christians, Ahmedis, Sikhs, Bohris and Hindus. You have utterly failed to do so. You have failed to defend the territorial integrity of Pakistan a part of which is now under the control of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.
You have failed to curb a thousand of autonomous private militias in Pakistan. Countries that have 25 million children not going to school do not even think of defending the territorial integrity of others. Do not sell your soul and your country just because of some personal favours that you received from the world’s largest terror exporters. Your personal compulsion to pay back the Saudi rulers could only result in the Yemenisation and disintegration of Pakistan. Your attempt to dilute the domestic war on terror is seen as a conspiracy to bog down the army in battlefields that do not belong to us.