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46% of adults with hypertension worldwide unaware they have it: WHO

An estimated 46% of people with hypertension, high blood pressure, worldwide are unaware that they have the condition, according to WHO. An estimated 1.28 billion adults aged 30-79 years across the globe suffer from hypertension - two-thirds live in low- and middle-income countries. While 42% of adults with hypertension are diagnosed and treated, the disease can be brought under control in 1 out of 5 adults (21%). People with hypertension may not feel symptoms, so the only way to know is to get their blood pressure checked. It can be serious if not treated. Hypertension, a major cause of premature death worldwide, is usually treated with low-cost drugs. The disease can be reduced by eating a healthy diet, losing overweight, physical activity, and quitting tobacco. Hypertension has increased in recent years. The number of people with hypertension doubled to 1.28 billion between 1990-2019, while 720 million people are not receiving the treatment they need. In addition, while the probability of hypertension in men is 37.6%, this rate is around 33% in women. Africa has the highest rate of hypertension (27%), whereas the Americas have the lowest percentage (18%).

Source: Anadolu Agency