WhatsApp seeks to reassure users over new policies

WhatsApp will not delete accounts and still cannot see users’ personal messages, the popular messaging app pledged Saturday, the day when controversial updates to its privacy policy took effect in some areas.

“No, we can’t see your personal messages. No, we won’t delete your account. Yes, you can accept at any time,” WhatsApp said on Twitter, seeking to quell concerns that have persisted for months.

In January, WhatsApp forced many users to agree to new privacy rules for sharing personal data with Facebook companies, but after facing a backlash postponed the step till mid-May.

Turkey also suspended the new rules and opened an investigation into the firm.

The controversy led many users in Turkey to switch to local messaging app BIP – which is also end-to-end encrypted – and other users to competing apps.

Facebook has a checkered history of changing policy without notifying users or letting personal information out without users’ knowledge.

Source: Anadolu Agency