Turkish companies make $105M investment in S.Sudan agro-industrial project

Turkish companies are making a $105-million investment in an agro-industrial project in South Sudan, Turkey’s Ambassador in Juba has said.

Speaking during his visit to the project site on Tuesday, Erdem Mutaf noted that the investment in the agro-industrial complex will cover different production lines and also create job opportunities for South Sudanese.

The Turkish Embassy in Juba always tries to help and encourage the Turkish companies in their efforts to start businesses in South Sudan, he also said.

Minister of Livestock and Fishery Onyoti Adigo appreciated the Turkish investment and said it will be a good opportunity for employment in the country.

He added that South Sudan has very rich fish resources, and through such enterprises, the country would be able to export fish products.

Adel Alb, one of the Turkish investors speaking on behalf of the group of investing companies, said they got a lot of support and idea from the ambassador to implement the projects.

“We believe in food production and hopefully with that project we will avoid food imports to the country, at least 25%,” Alb told Anadolu Agency.

Sourc:e: Anadolu Agency

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