Over 90 irregular migrants held across Turkey

Some 94 irregular migrants who entered Turkey illegally were held across the country, security sources said on Sunday.

Some 20 Pakistani nationals were held by local security forces in northwestern Edirne and Tekirdag provinces.

Police stopped two taxis in Suleymanpasa district of Tekirdag province and held 11 Pakistani nationals for illegally entering the country. The taxi drivers were also detained.

Another nine Pakistanis were held in Edirne province while they were waiting by the roadside.

Meanwhile, some 74 irregular migrants, who entered Turkey through illegal means, were held in southern Osmaniye province.

During routine patrols, the police stopped two buses in the province and found 68 Afghan and six Pakistani nationals without legal documents. Two bus drivers were also arrested.

Deportation procedures for the foreign nationals have been initiated by local authorities.

Source: Anadolu Agency