Organ donations from beloved mother give new life to 8 people

IZMIR, Turkey (AA) – The tragic loss of a young mother in Turkey has, with the blessing of her husband and children, given a new lease on life to eight other people.

Sebnem Uysal, 42, a mother of two, succumbed to an embolism due to hypertension after a five-day battle for life. But now her heart, lungs, livers, spleen, kidneys, and corneas have been transplanted to benefit other patients.

“We had previously discussed donating our organs,” said Erol Uysal, her widower.

“She gave life to eight people. It was a tough process but ended well.”

“We feel grief and joy at the same time,” he explained. He said he hopes that everyone arranges to donate their organs, as many people for instance rely on dialysis and need new kidneys.

“This is something that money can’t buy. What does a fortune mean when you have an organ that’s failing?” he added.

University student Ipek Uysal, 22, said her mother had always been a role model for her.

“I wish she had had a solution like a transplant, but she was out of solutions,” said Ipek. “On one hand, we certainly were sorrowful but, on the other, we were happy as she would continue to live somewhere, touching many people’s lives.”

“Sometimes you can’t do anything for yourself, but if you can do something for others, you shouldn’t even think twice,” she added.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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