Israel’s actions in Palestine looking increasingly like apartheid: Le Monde

PARIS (AA) – The French newspaper Le Monde said Sunday that the expression “apartheid” becomes more appropriate every day for the system that Israel has implemented in Palestine.

In an editorial titled “Israel-Palestine: The Changing Paradigm,” the newspaper said that if another war in Gaza is to be prevented, a new approach providing equal rights for both Palestinians and Israelis is required.

Focusing on the question of what will happen now after the cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinian resistance group Hamas, it pointed out that both sides had made great decisions after the events of 2009, 2012 and 2014, but because there was a real lack of determination by both parties, the attempts were inconclusive and led to new tensions.

The article also called for the urgent lifting of the embargos imposed by Egypt and Israel on the two million people of Gaza.

It emphasized that Gaza is part of Palestine and that tensions would not decrease until a comprehensive solution is reached.

It added that the expression “de facto apartheid” recently chosen by two major human rights organizations — Israel’s B’Tselem and US-based Human Rights Watch — to describe the system of domination of the Palestinians established by Israel unfortunately seems increasingly more appropriate in characterizing the situation.

Source: Anadolu Agency