German police break up pro-Palestine march in Berlin

German police broke up a pro-Palestine demonstration in Berlin on Saturday, claiming the protestors violated coronavirus regulations, and refused to wear masks and keep a safe distance.

Baton-wielding riot police clashed with mostly young protesters in Berlin’s Neukoelln district after some of the protestors threw bottles, stones and firecrackers to the police.

There were several arrests for resisting arrest and not complying with the coronavirus health regulations.

There were no immediate reports of any injuries.

-Thousands take to streets

Thousands of Germans took to the streets on Saturday in major cities, among them Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart, and Hamburg for the second consecutive day to voice solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza facing a relentless lethal Israeli bombing campaign for the last six days. The majority of the protests and demonstrations have been peaceful.

In Berlin, protesters lashed out at the center-right government of Chancellor Angela Merkel for her unconditional support of Israel amid its continued airstrikes on Gaza.

Carrying placards saying “Germany stop supporting Israeli war crimes” and “Don’t stand with Israel, stand with justice” , demonstrators called for an immediate end to Berlin’s backing of Israel.

Germany has been the scene of pro-Palestine mass demonstrations over the past several days amid intense pressure by the pro-Israel lobby to ban anti-Israel demonstrations.

Authorities banned a demonstration in solidarity with Gaza in Frankfurt, which was scheduled to take place earlier in the day, citing security concerns.

Source: Anadolu Agency