Drce Prefabrik successfully integrates modular building tech

A Turkish construction firm, Dorce Prefabrik, successfully implements prefabricated modular structures, a sustainable and innovative construction method that has evolved with a modern construction method and technology in its local and international projects.

Modular buildings are formed by the combination of one or more prefabricated modules, according to a press release by the firm on Friday.

They are also used as temporary structures in projects. They can be easily disassembled and moved to another site without any foundation.

While various designs can be applied according to all kinds of climatic conditions, they can meet all needs such as fire, plumbing, heating and ventilation system and electrical equipment.

Prefabricated modular buildings are built approximately twice as fast as conventional structures.

Modular buildings have the same design concept and technical performance as the most demanding traditional structures built on-site. The construction industry in developed countries uses this technology very often.

Modular structures, which can be built both temporarily and permanently without foundations, are not limited to three or four floors.

Modular structures are not only ready-made box rooms or other building elements but also are microstructural elements produced at the factory.

Structurally, modular buildings are generally more robust and more durable than structures built with different methods because each module is designed for exceptionally harsh and challenging transportation and construction conditions.

The modules transformed into prefabricated walls, floors and roofs; finally all buildings, and the main structure is just as durable and reliable as each module.

Off-site construction ensures better quality management of the construction process. Materials delivered to production facilities are stored safely and securely in warehouses to prevent damage or deterioration from moisture and other adverse weather conditions.

Production facilities implement strict quality control programs for high-quality modern construction at all stages.

In addition to managing quality control processes and shortening construction times, modular structures have many different advantages, such as reducing the possibility of accidents at construction sites and vehicle traffic.

The modular construction method decreases construction time by 30-50% and offers alternative and practical solutions.

Modular construction is not just a building type but a sustainable and innovative construction method that has evolved with a modern construction method and technology, 60-90% of modular structures are completed in a factory environment.

Source: Anadolu Agency