Bosnia’s strongest man preparing to be world’s strongest

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s strongest man Nedzmin Ambeskovic is preparing with all his might for the “World’s Strongest Man” competition to be held in England in August.

Anadolu Agency participated in the routine training of Ambeskovic, prepared in the deadlift, a weight training in which a loaded barbell or bar is lifted to hip level and held the trunk perpendicular to the floor before placing it back on the ground.

Ambeskovic told Anadolu Agency that he used to live in Sweden when he won third place in the same contest in 2019.

“The current record is 501 kilograms. So we have to prepare for 505 kilograms. My personal record is 450 kilograms. This is the record for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sweden,” said Ambeskovic.

Ambeskovic said that he did not neglect to fast despite training for three hours every day.

“Of course, it is difficult, but I do not find an excuse. There is very little left for the competition. It is important to be satisfied, so am I,” said Ambeskovic.

Emphasizing that deadlift training is very popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world, Ambeskovic underlined that young people who want to be the strongest man in the world should be encouraged.

– Representing a Turkish company

Ambeskovic said that there is a prejudice on the point that lifting weights is a difficult and aggressive sport.

“Actually, it is a very calm sport. Yes, we are strong men, but we only use our strength in sports and training,” said Ambeskovic.

He pointed out that such sports can be pretty challenging in terms of costs.

“I have a sponsor, but not enough. I have three children to look after. In this context, I need sponsors to support me in this sport,” said Ambeskovic.

He added that representing a company from Turkey would make him feel very proud and happy as he loves Turkey and Istanbul very much.

Source: Anadolu Agency