Afghan president hails Turkey’s support for peace

KABUL, Afghanistan (AA) – Afghanistan’s president on Saturday hailed Turkey’s efforts for peace in the war-ravaged country amid a surge in Taliban assaults following a brief truce.

Ashraf Ghani spoke as he received the credentials of the new Turkish ambassador to Kabul, Cihad Erginay, who replaced Oguzhan Ertugrul.

“The President wished success to the new Turkish Ambassador to Afghanistan and while referring to Turkey’s relations and cooperation with Afghanistan in various fields, added that Afghanistan is committed to the continuation of these relations, and appreciates the efforts of the country [Turkey] in the peace process,” said an official statement issued by the presidency.

Turkey’s new ambassador to Afghanistan said Turkey was committed to continuing its assistance to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan, it added.

Upon request of the US, Turkey has pledged to host a high-level international peace conference on Afghanistan in April, but the Taliban declined to attend the proposed meet, forcing Ankara to postpone it.

Instead, a trilateral conference among the foreign ministers of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey was held on April 23, calling on the Taliban to return to the negotiating table and resume the peace talks.

All three countries deplored the escalated violence in a joint declaration emphasizing the need for an immediate, sustainable, and comprehensive cease-fire as a prerequisite for creating a conducive atmosphere for the success of the peace talks.

The three countries also reiterated their commitment to a peaceful, sovereign, independent, democratic, and united Afghanistan.

This comes as deadly violence returned to Afghanistan after a three-day truce for the Muslim holy festival of Eid last week.

Since the announcement of an exit date of September 2021 for American troops by US President Joe Biden, Afghanistan has been witnessing a spike in deadly Taliban assaults across the country that has led to mounting casualties on all sides.

Source: Anadolu Agency