1,800-year-old church in southeastern Turkey being restored

An ancient, Roman-era church in southeastern Turkey is being restored to once again welcome visitors.

The 1,800-year-old St. George Church in the Diyarbakir province served as an art gallery after being first restored in 2008.

Due to the need for maintenance, the restoration work was initiated by the Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, with 90% now completed.

The church is a cultural asset dating all the way back to the Roman era, said Mehmet Karaaslan, the head of the municipality’s Zoning and Urban Planning Department.

He told Anadolu Agency it is one of the most important historic buildings in the city’s Ickale region.

“We cleaned the grass off the roof of the church and stopped water leaks. We repaired the floor and the electrical system,” Karaaslan said, adding that lighting for the facade was also installed.

Saying that they hope to make Diyarbakir a tourist hub, he added: “We plan to carry out all restoration [in the city] during our tenure and pass these historical treasures down to future generations.”

Source: Anadolu Agency